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Do You Have an Effective Medical Affairs Strategy
or Simply a List of Medical Affairs Tactics?

To demonstrate Medical Affairs value, a clear understanding of the potential challenges and opportunities faced by a brand is required.  A focused and prioritized plan must be developed to overcome the challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Strategic Planning Services

  1. Integrated Medical Brand Plans
  2. Launch Plans
  3. Communication and Publication Plans
  4. Lifecycle Management Plans

Zipher has successfully begun to redefine the role of the Medical Affairs organization from a support function to a multi-faceted leadership function that encompasses a new set of competencies required to navigate the current healthcare landscape. Our consulting services use a time-efficient process to help individuals, teams, and entire organizations understand strategic thinking, recognize roles in creating strategic success, and gain alignment with commercial and development. The cornerstones of these services are the strategic workshops and application of strategy-driven processes.

The Zipher Process for Strategic Planning

Our team engages in a thorough analysis of your data, data generation programs and the current therapeutic landscape to fully understand your asset or brand relative to your competitors.

To identify medical-brand challenges, opportunities, and gaps, the Zipher team designs time-efficient workshops or brainstorming sessions with integrated medical organizations. We utilize situation analysis and insights collected from advisory boards, key opinion leader (KOL) engagements, and medical information requests to formulate a strategy.

Using the defined medical challenges and opportunities, the Zipher team collaborates with your team to design strategies that align with the commercial organization, while remaining focused on medical imperatives.

At Zipher, we recognize that the full potential of Medical Affairs lies within the multifunctional capabilities of the organization. Based on your strategic imperatives we work across your team to define strategic medical activities that will bring value to stakeholders, demonstrate beneficial impact on programs, and fulfill tactical needs.

Based on the results observed from our assessments of your organization using the aforementioned consulting services, Zipher can also relay insights for integrating and leveraging your strategic plan with the various stakeholders.

Zipher has the capability to provide an overall assessment of your Medical Affairs organization and provide a foundation for transforming it into a state-of-the-art organization that understands product strategy and the current needs of industry, patients, providers, and payors. Additional services include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Assessing Organizations and Programs
  2. Restructuring or Developing a Medical Affairs Organization
  3. Conducting Key Opinion Leader Surveys

Zipher will identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization, evaluate existing programs, and compare to Medical Affairs benchmarks. Additionally, Zipher will help you understand how your stakeholders view your team compared to other organizations. The data from these assessments can provide the groundwork that can drive subsequent decisions to optimize effectiveness, structure, and value of your organization.

Advisory meetings are a window of significant opportunity for any company. Gaining insights, recommendations, and competitive intelligence from KOLs will enhance the development of your medical strategy.

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