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Medical Affairs Programs

Translating Data Into Action

Medical Affairs programs at Zipher are designed to help your team identify, analyze and utilize actionable information.

Our programs can help you recognize the most critical insights from your in-house and field teams, and then capitalize on that data to build your medical affairs plans, strengthen your engagement with thought leaders and build cutting edge data generation programs.  Success in these areas allows the medical team to provide leadership and demonstrate maximum value to your brand and organization.

Medical Affairs Programs

  • Insight Analysis and Communication Programs
  • Data Gap Analysis
  • Key Thought Leader and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Advisory Platforms

Inspire and Help Establish an Insight Driven Culture

Utilize the information collected across a variety of sources (medical, field medical, commercial, competitive intelligence and databases) and separate the insights from the unwanted and useless noise. Use the true insights to focus your medical effort on impactful activities. Our process starts with the development of a consistent and thoughtful process to analyze insights, recognize trends and develop actions.

  • Insights Steering Committee

  • Insights Training and Collection

  • Insights Analysis and Impact Characterization

  • Recommendations Based on Insights

Build a Vibrant Data Generation Program

Start with data gap analysis, understand your current and developing data sets in the context of the competitive environment and translate gaps into areas of interest for investigator sponsored studies, Phase IV programs and lifecycle management. Zipher works with your team to organize data, assess the situation, prioritize and validate the identified gaps with your thought leaders. The analysis generated can then be used to formulate a full data generation strategy.

  • Workshops

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Investigator Sponsored Studies Program Review and Analysis

  • Key Thought Leader Steering Committees

Focus on Your Stakeholder’s Needs

Too often, the focus of medical affairs is on providing information that is important to the company, but does not align with the needs of thought leaders, healthcare decision makers or patients and caregivers. Realigning the focus and understanding of the thought leaders and the stakeholder’s leads to more effective engagements and impactful discussions. Zipher works with your team to fully analyze your stakeholders and align their goals and needs with yours.

  • KOL Positioning Analysis

  • Gaps/Deficiency Assessment

  • Key Thought Leader (KTL) Strategy

  • KTL Heat Maps

Construct a Value-Based Advisory Platform

Create greater depth and understanding of knowledge between your organization and your advisors. Value is created, in part, when respect and understanding come together. So often advisory board meetings are held, advisors provide recommendations and once the meeting is over the interaction ends. Platform planning allows medical organizations to build stronger relationships with advisors and create a feedback loop so advisors can provide more significant advice based on understanding how it is used. At Zipher, we work with medical organizations to create advisory platforms for your brand.

  • Advisory Strategy

  • KTL Identification

  • Communication Planning

  • Advisory Board Meetings

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