Leadership + Talent

Building Medical Capabilities and Fostering Leadership

Achieving Medical Excellence.

More than ever before, the Medical Affairs organization can serve as a point of differentiation for highly respected life sciences companies.

Design a structure to integrate your medical functions. Find the right talent to fit your organizational culture. Hire based on clear skills and capabilities and solidify those strengths with a foundation of solid training. Understand the capability continuum in medical affairs and define career tracts to reward performance and skills. Create a great medical organization that brings scientific leadership, medical capability and long lasting talent to your organization.

Zipher offers individual and group training sessions in addition to on-boarding programs for Medical Directors and Medical Science Liaisons (MSL).

Our full MSL Optimization services include MSL Build (policies/SOPs, disease/product orientation, KOL mapping plan, territory mapping, engagement plans), Ongoing Training (training workshops, presentation skills, engagement/interaction skills, insight identification and analysis, resource/slide management, professional development), and Feedback (capabilities continuum – ongoing feedback, certification, areas for improvement, action plan for growth – internal/customer surveys).

Medical Directors

Accelerate the transition from academic medicine to leadership in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Compliance knowledge and skills

  • Industry basics – language, functions, abbreviations

  • Leadership

  • Strategic planning

  • Facilitation skills

Medical Science Liaisons

Develop a well respected and valued MSL team.

  • Medical and scientific knowledge

  • Compliance knowledge and skills

  • Interaction skills

  • Insights collection and communication

  • Real-life scenarios

  • Territory planning and management

MSL Leadership

Achieve Medical Affairs excellence through strong leadership.

  • Territory structure

  • Management and planning

  • Program evaluation and benchmarking

  • Leadership skills

Inspire and Help Establish an Insight Driven Culture

Utilize the information collected across a variety of sources (medical, field medical, commercial, competitive intelligence and databases) and separate the insights from the unwanted and useless noise. Use the true insights to focus your medical effort on impactful activities. Our process starts with teaching your team how to analyze insights, recognize trends and develop actions.

  • Insights Training and Collection

  • Insights Analysis and Impact Characterization

  • Recommendations Based on Insights

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