Ep. 7: Executing Launch: Develop, Visualize, and Communicate

Starting from the clinical trials and ending with meeting the regulatory demands across various countries, bringing a product to market successfully has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is critical that an overall launch strategy is established and executed. Developing an integrated and comprehensive launch roadmap is the first step in preparing for launch. Delivering the Medical Affairs program on time, on target, and on budget is essential for success. A solid program management function and systems ensures that progress is monitored, measured, and communicated and adjustments to the course based on internal and external insights are clearly visible to the entire organization.

In this seventh episode of Medical Affairs Unscripted, our host Peg Crowley-Nowick, PhD, MBA, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs had the opportunity to meet with John Walsh, MD who is not only leading the Medical Affairs organization as Senior Vice President at Ardelyx, Inc., but is also a practicing clinician in the areas of Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Telemedicine, and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. Because of Dr. Walsh’s unique position as a physician in industry and practicing clinical medicine, he provides valuable insights on what drives a successful launch. Additionally, he discusses how to prepare for and manage the operations of an effective launch. He and Dr. Crowley-Nowick discuss the use of visualization and tracking tools to easily measure progress, ensure organizational alignment, meet desired communication cadence for management and teams, and ensure tactics are driven by overarching priorities.

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Dr. John Walsh, MD, Senior Vice President at Ardelyx

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