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Data Generation: The Intersection Between Medical Affairs and Clinical Development


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As the Zipher Medical Affairs unscripted podcast series continues to distinguish Medical Affairs as one of the major pillars of biopharmaceutical organizations, Dr. Peg Crowley-Nowick, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs hosts Dr. Adam Schayowitz, an industry veteran and current Vice President and Medicine Team Lead at Pfizer, to discuss the intersection between Medical Affairs (medical) and Clinical Development (development) with regards to data generation as medical continues its evolution as the third pillar in industry.

Dr. Crowley-Nowick draws on Dr. Schayowitz’s expertise which crosses both medical and development to get his insight on the potential impact medical can have on development programs, in particular supporting the data generation program. He answers questions regarding cross-functional strategies for data generation, such as what and how medical contributes, when the development team should be engaging with medical, where medical can help accelerate development programs, and more. The host and expert guest discuss the advantages of using this broader team to identify, prioritize, and address data gaps.

Also, Dr. Schayowitz shares his recommendations on how Medical Affairs intersects with Clinical Development in the planning and execution of a data generation strategy and its implementation throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

Lastly, the podcast closes with Dr. Schayowitz’s experience in his shift from medical to development and the value of having medical aligned with both the development and commercial organizations with regards to data generation.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Adam Schayowitz

Vice President and Medicine Team Lead at Pfizer

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