Ep. 2: The Business Objective of Medical Affairs with Holly Schachner, MD

During this episode of Medical Affairs unscripted, Dr. Crowley-Nowick has a conversation with Holly Schachner, MD, former CMO of Specialty Medicine at Allergan to examine the business objective of Medical Affairs (MA) organizations and how MA can move closer to being identified as a strategic pillar within the life sciences industry alongside the Research & Development and Commercial organizations.

Dr. Schachner, who has nearly 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry after her work as a clinician and researcher, provides key insights for MA professionals on how to use their position and experience from industry and clinic to help drive internal strategies in alignment with external needs; the needs of the patient. She offers valuable guidance on how the MA organization plays an important role from early in the development of a molecule through to launch and beyond, and how MA is the link that can maintain consistency of the ‘why’ behind the cross-functional activities being conducted. Ultimately, Dr. Schachner shares her thoughts on the roadblocks to MA becoming the 3rd strategic pillar within life sciences organizations and how to overcome these challenges.

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