Ep. 3: Building an Integrated Engagement Roadmap

Zipher’s Medical Affairs unscripted features Randi Goeckeler, an industry expert with over 25 years of experience and most recently the Executive Director of Global Stakeholder Relations at Allergan, who discusses how to build an integrated, strategic stakeholder relations program to accelerate availability of treatments for patients and ultimately help them have better outcomes.

Host Peg Crowley-Nowick, Ph.D., MBA, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs invites Randi to share her insights on the challenges that organizations are facing regarding stakeholder relations and how to ensure that engagements are innovative, intentional, interconnected, and impactful. As presented in her Stakeholder Relations Strategic Engagement Roadmap, Randi addresses the differences between transactional versus strategic engagements, and she also describes the required elements for designing a strategic framework for stakeholder relations, while maintaining compliance. Additionally, Dr. Crowley-Nowick asks Randi to share her experiences on how to fuse the focus of regional and global teams. The podcast closes with novel ways that Medical Affairs organizations can use digital media during the current COVID-19 disruption to accomplish objectives that were once carried out at face-to-face venues.

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