Ep. 7: Executing Launch: Develop, Visualize, and Communicate

On this seventh episode of Medical Affairs Unscripted, our host Peg Crowley-Nowick, PhD, MBA, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs met with John Walsh, MD, who is a practicing clinician and the Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs at Ardelyx, Inc. to discuss what drives a successful launch and how to develop an integrated and comprehensive roadmap to prepare for and manage the Medical Affairs operations of a launch. They review how a program management function and systems ensure that progress is monitored, measured, and communicated.

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Ep. 6: Measuring the Impact of Medical Affairs

Measuring the impact of the Medical Affairs (MA) organization is not as straightforward as it is for other functions (e.g., increase in revenue or market share for Commercial) and remains a challenge for most pharmaceutical companies today. There have historically been no simple metrics to evaluate the influence of MA, so our host Peg Crowley-Nowick, PhD, MBA, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs met with Meg Heim, RN, MBA, previously Vice President, Global Head of Scientific Engagement Strategy, Operations and Program Management at Sanofi and currently President at Heim Global Consulting, to discuss a methodology she developed and employed to truly measure the effectiveness of the Medical Affairs (MA) organization.

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Ep. 5: Medical Affairs as a Strategic Equal and Maximizing a Virtual Launch

Medical Affairs (MA) continues to shed its historic role as a support function and establish itself as a critical pillar alongside Commercial and Research & Development (R&D). However, shifting from independently operating functional areas to strategic, cross-functional, business-wide partnerships remains a challenge for MA.

Zhen Su, MD, MBA, the current Senior Vice President and Global Head of the Oncology Franchise for Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany offers novel approaches for modernizing perspectives at an individual level regarding the role of MA, by fostering an appreciation and internal mindset of MA as a strategic, partner, while still maintaining the ever-important compliance boundaries.

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Ep. 4.5: Internal Edition | Building a Comprehensive Data Generation Program

In this Internal Edition of the Zipher Medical Affairs unscripted podcast series, Dr. Peg Crowley-Nowick, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs is joined by Zipher’s own Julie Cahill, M.D., Vice President of Consulting and Medical Director Services to continue the conversation from Episode 4: Data Generation | The Intersection Between Medical Affairs and Clinical Development by expanding further on the need to identify data gaps and how organizations can work together to consider the full scope of research that can be used to fill those gaps.

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Ep. 4: Data Generation: The Intersection Between Medical Affairs and Clinical Development

As the Zipher Medical Affairs unscripted podcast series continues to distinguish Medical Affairs as one of the major pillars of biopharmaceutical organizations, Dr. Peg Crowley-Nowick, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs hosts Dr. Adam Schayowitz, an industry veteran and current Vice President and Medicine Team Lead at Pfizer, to discuss the intersection between Medical Affairs (medical) and Clinical Development (development) with regards to data generation as medical continues its evolution as the third pillar in industry.

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Ep. 3: Building an Integrated Engagement Roadmap

In Episode 3, Host Peg Crowley-Nowick, Ph.D., MBA, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs invites Randi Goeckeler, an industry expert with over 25 years of experience and most recently the Executive Director of Global Stakeholder Relations at Allergan, to discuss how to build an integrated, strategic stakeholder relations program to accelerate availability of treatments for patients and ultimately help them have better outcomes.

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Ep. 2: The Business Objective of Medical Affairs with Holly Schachner, MD

During this episode of Medical Affairs unscripted, Dr. Crowley-Nowick has a conversation with Holly Schachner, MD, former CMO of Specialty Medicine at Allergan to examine the business objective of Medical Affairs (MA) organizations and how MA can move closer to being identified as a strategic pillar within the life sciences industry alongside the Research & Development and Commercial organizations.

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Ep. 1: Stakeholder Engagement with Dan Hennessy

How & Why to Engage During a Pandemic

Peg Crowley, Ph.D., MBA, Founder & President of Zipher Medical Affairs meets with Dan Hennessy, Ph.D., MBA, Vice President of Strategic Excellence at EMD Serono to discuss a fresh look at the complexity of the matrix of stakeholders who play a critical role in the patient care cycle, including the layers of individuals in the clinics and hospitals, in healthcare economy, and in advocacy societies.

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