The tools to run successful virtual meetings

The recent coronavirus outbreak and subsequent social distancing requirements have brought the necessity of virtual meetings and remote work to the fore. Many organizations, while familiar with remote work and online meetings, were caught unprepared. The technology has advanced significantly in recent years, but access to tools alone are not enough to help businesses maintain their productivity.

Appearing as a guest this week on the Entrepreneur’s Story podcast, Dr. Peg Crowley-Nowick, Founder & CEO of Zipher Medical Affairs, shares her advice and thoughts on how to remain effective and efficient. Dr. Crowley-Nowick has successfully helped Zipher’s clients run virtual meetings for many years. From the podcast’s page:

What is amazing is the ability for so many people to be able to effectively work virtually.  Just a few years ago bandwidth and technology would have made the numbers of people working through these platforms impossible.  Today, the technology allows us to be effective.  The real challenge isn’t’ the technology, it’s the human factor.

Listen to the podcast below: