Field Medical Team Optimization: Distinguish your organization by employing, cultivating, and developing high-performing Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

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We invited Christina Tankersley, PharmD., Senior Director Field Medical Team at Sanofi Pasteur to discuss how to build, train, and guide the growth of a diverse and multi-disciplinary field medical team. Christina’s over two-decade career began in the field as an MSL and now leads the field medical vaccine team. Christina joins Dr. Peg Crowley-Nowick, Founder and President of Zipher Medical Affairs, a Lumanity business, on the second season of Zipher Medical Affairs unscripted to share her invaluable experience developing high-performing MSLs, intentionally identifying the key diversities required for constructing a balanced and symbiotic MSL team, and ways to overcome the challenges of unifying team members across the ever-present virtual office setting.

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Chris Tankersley, PharmD, Sr. Director, Field Medical Team, Vaccines at Sanofi Pasteur

Christina Tankersley, PharmD
Senior Director, Field Medical Team, Vaccines at Sanofi Pasteur