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Zipher is a leading provider of expert Medical Affairs Strategic Consulting and MSL Optimization Services. Founded in 2008, Zipher has worked with a broad client portfolio including mid-­to-­large pharmaceutical, late stage biotech and diagnostic companies. The team at Zipher has over 30 years of Medical Affairs and MSL experience developed through positions held in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as through consulting in the life sciences industry.

Our services are designed to address the road blocks our Clients consistently face and integrate seamlessly to support your Medical Affairs organization at any stage as they excel to the next level.

The Zipher Process for Strategic Planning

Understand the Therapeutic Landscape

Our team engages in a thorough analysis of your data, data generation programs and the current therapeutic landscape to fully understand your asset or brand relative to your competitors.

Translate Insights into Strategy

To identify medical-brand challenges, opportunities, and gaps, the Zipher team designs time-efficient workshops or brainstorming sessions with integrated medical organizations. We utilize situation analysis and insights collected from advisory boards, key opinion leader (KOL) engagements, and medical information requests to formulate a strategy.

Synthesize an Aligned Strategy

Using the defined medical challenges and opportunities, the Zipher team collaborates with your team to design strategies that align with the commercial organization, while remaining focused on medical imperatives.

Develop an Integrated Plan

At Zipher, we recognize that the full potential of Medical Affairs lies within the multifunctional capabilities of the organization. Based on your strategic imperatives we work across your team to define strategic medical activities that will bring value to stakeholders, demonstrate beneficial impact on programs, and fulfill tactical needs.

Implement the Plan

Based on the results observed from our assessments of your organization using the aforementioned consulting services, Zipher can also relay insights for integrating and leveraging your strategic plan with the various stakeholders.

Join our growing base of Clients who have utilized Zipher programs and services to successfully:

  • Prepare and/or launch products globally through our medical launch planning services.

  • Recruit, hire, and train MSL teams.

  • Increase and optimize interactions with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), HCPs and Stakeholders through Advisory Boards and engagement initiatives spearheaded by Zipher.

  • Reorganize and streamline existing US and Global Medical Affairs and MSL teams, generating improved department organization.

Keep Your Business Moving Even When You Can’t Be Together

As part of the increasing concerns around today’s global health and safety issues, maintaining business continuity is vital to our Clients and ultimately their patients. Zipher can help ensure your continued operation with engaging and interactive workshops, team meetings and advisory boards, all executed using our virtual capabilities.



“I wholeheartedly endorse Zipher Medical Affairs, LLC and recommend this excellent company for all aspects of multi­functional outsourced support to a Pharma/Biotech Medical Affairs Unit/Department.”

Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs

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