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Maximize your effort and streamline your Medical Affairs processes

The cornerstone of Zipher’s services is Medical Affairs strategic and tactical consulting combined with a customized client-centric process. Whether you are feeling the pressure to prove the value of your organization internally, planning and implementing a product launch, or optimizing your MSL team, Zipher will serve as your key partner.

Bringing Value to Your Organization

Zipher’s time-efficient process helps your team think strategically, grasp their roles, and successfully gain alignment across medical, commercial, and research & development. All strategies and tactics are customized to each client’s needs and implemented according to their internal resources and timelines.


Translating Data into Action

Zipher designs programs to help your team identify, analyze, and utilize actionable information. These include both quantitative and qualitative real-world insights that can be utilized to build the value proposition and guide strategic planning throughout the product lifecycle.


Accelerating Execution & Demonstrating Value

Zipher’s program management services accelerate execution of your strategy by focusing on high priority medical activities. Our goal is to ensure your team is on target, on time and on budget.


Simplifying Onboarding & Increasing Retention

The true value of medical affairs is not as a support function but an equal partner with commercial and research & development. Success today requires your medical team to demonstrate leadership and understand the pharmaceutical business. Zipher assesses your organizational structure, recognizes gaps, defines resources needed, and identifies and trains scientists and clinicians to build medical leadership.


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